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Today on Twitter Episode 1

24 Mar

Everyday on Twitter I seem to see the same things. These posts were taken from March 22-23.

I get in one war of words with a delusional person: Someone explaining how ‘good sources’ don’t spread propaganda.

One thing that makes me puke: Low T Men

One thing that makes me laugh: The GOAT Journalist!

One thing that makes me cry: Please Stop Punishing the Youth!

One thing that drives me crazy:
People complaining that their names don’t translate easily into their adopted country’s language. I have to hear every service worker butcher my name to get medical treatment, food, government services, financial services. Face it communication was already fucked and now we have to wear masks.

One thing that inspires: This is way overdue.

One thing that makes my jaw drop: Quelle Prediction!

One thing that confirms all my worst fears: Financial ruin for the average person, power for the elite.

One thing that gives me hope: The #JustSayNo hashtag has gotten off the ground – not without triggering the tyranny enablers. A Twitter “Doctor” telling me not to listen to Twitter “Doctors”.

Hope round 2: maybe we can finally see the warfare China has been waging?

Science Cannot Tell You What It Means To Be A Man

23 Mar

It’s true. The definition of the word “man” is a question of linguistics. It depends on culture but it is based on biology.

The word “male”, in contrast, is a purely scientific term. It helps us distinguish the 2 different sexes by their biological function in mating. It can help distinguish the small number of ambiguous cases such as chromosomal abnormalities.

So what does the word “man” mean? To start defining a word, you need to establish it’s basic, minimum requirements. I will try to define man in the broadest, most universal way possible.

To be a man, one must meet these qualifications:

  1. Adult Male: Man means adult male. It’s most basic definition.
    • Yes, you could see a stranger and say, “Look at that man coming toward us.” The response could be “He’s not really a man, look at his spindly arms and his hunched shoulders.” “Yes, but he’s a man in the most basic sense.” He’s still a “man”, but he may not truly be a “MAN”.
  2. A MAN is an adult male who takes on responsibility.
    • The more responsibility, the more manly. A family man, is by default a MAN because he takes the responsibility for his family.
    • Responsibility must come with moral fortitude of some kind. Deciding how to organize and prioritize your life means determining what is good, better and best. So to be a man, requires a moral framework.
  3. A MAN must be able to take risk and endure hardship
    • Most cultures have rites of passages in which men must take or accept risk. Some primitive tribes made boys jump off of high platforms with just a vine to break their fall. Others must survive wilderness ordeals. Jewish boys have a bar mitzvah at which time they take on the risks and responsibilities of adults.
    • Western culture has been cleansed of these rites of passages for men. Military service is not as prevalent. Institutions once had initiation rituals but they’ve been termed “HAZING” and banned.
    • Rituals are helpful but not the only way to prove your ability to take risks and endure hardship. Sports are a good way and life always has some difficulties that will make a man out of you – you just don’t get the single, social event that tells you it’s time to MAN UP.
    • Unfortunately, drinking and drugs have taken over as a ritual of sorts, causing all sorts of damage. Tattoos may once have signified toughness but mostly signify hipsteristic tendencies.
  4. A MAN must be able to defend himself and those he loves.
    • Standing up for yourself, standing your ground is a hallmark of manhood – not necessarily physical fighting. Being able to speak your mind and standing up for what is right takes bravery.

While womanhood is bestowed upon every girl who becomes an adult, manhood is a choice. The term gentleman has fallen by the wayside as the term was deracinated – associated with being “nice” or basically wimpy and pretentious. Read Dumas if you want to learn the true meaning of gentleman – hint, they fought a LOT. “Lady” has similarly been discarded; no women want to be called ladies anymore. Sad.

Manhood is not necessarily about being tough and doing manly things. Sure, you can hunt and fish or chop wood like a real man but you could also be a florist and be a man if that is what you truly want to do. Arranging flowers may not win you praise from the men in your community or impress the girls much. However, if that is the profession you’ve decided you’re best suited for, you need to stand up to that social pressure, dammit, and do it. Now you’re a man and you can pay to raise a family.

The degradation and defamation of the term “man” has led to the recent surge in adult boyhood. Adult males whose biceps are as skinny as their wrists. Young adult males who have testosterone levels of 80 year-old men.

What does it mean to be a man? It’s not just about your bicep muscles but they have something to do with it. That is certainly a question for the ages. The answer could be still blowing in the wind.

18 Places 2+2=4 and One Place It Doesn’t

12 Mar

What? 2+2 sometimes doesn’t equal 4? I thought you said it always does.

It does.

2+2 = 4 everywhere on earth.
2+2 = 4 in Asia.
2+2 = 4 in Istanbul

2+2 = 4 in Australia. 2+2 = 4 in Angola. 2+2 = 4 in Saudi Arabia. 2+2 = 4 in Paris. 2+2 = 4 in London. 2+2 = 4 in North America. 2+2 = 4 in South America. 2+2 = 4 in Antarctica.

It is not culturally, temporally or locality dependent.

2+2 = 4 on the Moon.
2+2 = 4 on Mars.
2+2 = 4 on Jupiter.
2+2 = 4 in the middle of the Sun.

It is not limited to this solar system. It doesn’t matter if there is life or not.

2+2 = 4 in Alpha Centauri.
2+2 = 4 in the Horse Head Nebula.
2+2 = 4 in the Andromeda Galaxy.

That’s 18. I promised you one place where 2 + 2 <> 4. Can you guess?

The only place where 2 + 2 cannot equal 4 is where 2 does not exist.

Nonetheless, if you add 2 gravitational singularities with 2 gravitational singularities, you still get 4 …until they merge and become 1 but then you probably get a Big Bang.

18 Places 2+2=4 and One Place It Doesn’t

12 Mar

What? 2+2 sometimes doesn’t equal 4? I thought you said it always does.

It does.

2+2 = 4 everywhere on earth.
2+2 = 4 in Asia.
2+2 = 4 in Istanbul

2+2 = 4 in Australia. 2+2 = 4 in Angola. 2+2 = 4 in Saudi Arabia. 2+2 = 4 in Paris. 2+2 = 4 in London. 2+2 = 4 in North America. 2+2 = 4 in South America. 2+2 = 4 in Antarctica.

It is not culturally, temporally or locality dependent.

2+2 = 4 on the Moon.
2+2 = 4 on Mars.
2+2 = 4 on Jupiter.
2+2 = 4 in the middle of the Sun.

It is not limited to this solar system. It doesn’t matter if there is life or not.

2+2 = 4 in Alpha Centari.
2+2 = 4 in the Horse Head Nebula.
2+2 = 4 in the Andromeda Galaxy.

That’s 18. I promised you one place where 2 + 2 <> 4. Can you guess?

The only place where 2 + 2 cannot equal 4 is where 2 does not exist.

Nonetheless, if you add 2 gravitational singularities with 2 gravitational singularities, you still get 4.

Why Do You Feel Threatened by Critical Thinking™

12 Mar

Why do you feel threatened when someone teaching your children about Critical Thinking™???

Why would you worry if your child’s teacher is trying to make them doubt objective reality?

I’m not talking about the notion that perception is all subjective and therefore it is difficult to determine the truth or be certain that your knowledge and understanding are completely 100% accurate. I mean, the very existence of reality is being challenge.

There is no fact more certain that the fact that 2 added to 2 is 4. This is true – always. 2 + 2 never equals anything but 4.

However, there are people in the education system – in Canada – who think it is helpful and necessary to make them question this fact. To do this, they employ multiple tricks, basically sleight of hand, and they call this thinking critically™.

Then they dare to say that people who call them out are feeling “threatened”. Well damn right!

If you were teaching children that Paris is a country in Africa, I would call you out.

If you were teaching children that the distilled water freezes at 100C, I would call you out.

These statements are wrong. The only purpose you would have of teaching them falsehoods or tricking them into doubting provable facts is to mess with their reasoning skills.

Why would someone want to teach faulty reasoning to a generation of people?

I won’t presume to know their minds, but one possibility is to make them less capable of reasoning and, therefore, easier to manipulate. Once they’re easier to manipulate and less able to reason critically, it would be easier to make them accept ideas you favor – even of a controversial political agenda.

This is a presumption. I have no proof. But, it’s interesting to see that the same people teaching kids to question 2+2=4 are the same people pushing Radical and Woke Math.

Critical Thinking or Thinking Critically

11 Mar

James Lindsay has been at the forefront of the war on Critical Race Theory (CRT) and the 2+2 sometimes-doesn’t-equal 4 crowd. One of the main combatants in the latter fight has been a Canadian teacher named Jamie Mitchell

Now Jamie is such an enlightened individual that his political opinions are not a matter of politics, but a matter of math and therefore should and even must be discussed in math class.

So brazen is this man that he taunts anyone who challenges his assertion with the accusation of cowardice. You’re just threatened that we’re teaching the kids to “think critically™” . But Jamie doesn’t mean critically. Thinking critically, in CRT parlance means CRT orthodox thinking.

So, I wandered over to this warrior’s twitter page to see what he thought of my opinion but, to my surprise, he wasn’t interested in facing off.

Jamie Mitchell on Bravery

Oh my gosh! Was Mr. Mitchell threatened by my critical thinking?

I think it’s time someone publishes a handbook on the inverse of woke math. How about some conservative math questions? What if children have real-world math problems that they can relate to?

Question 1: If the violent crime rate increases 10% for every 10 police taken out of a South Chicago precinct and each police officer costs $150,000 per year, by what rate will the murder rate rise next year if the current rate is 1.8 murders / 10,000 if the personnel budget is cut by $2,500,000? How many extra people will die?

I’m sure we can think of more questions about illegal border crossing and kids in Biden’s cages, transgender suicide rates, government debt and compound interest. These should all be subjects covered in math class. Agree?

Building A Strong Marriage Step 3: Work Your Marriage Every Day

16 Feb

So you followed Steps 1 & 2 and you’ve successfully found a partner willing to tie the knot. You worked on yourself and attracted members of the opposite sex. You met many prospects and picked one that was not only doing the same but appears to have a compatible personality and lifestyle and you’ve fallen in love. Hard work has resulted, as it so often does, in good fortune.

The hard part is done, right?

Not by a long shot. I know it took you years to get here; however, keep in mind, that you will be married longer than you were a single adult. Even the smoothest journey through life has many miles of rough road ahead.

If everything goes well, marriage will give you plenty of joy and comfort. It will help you feel confident and give your life a sense of stability that frees you to take risks in other areas of life. You have an advocate, an ally and a friend to help you through difficult times and help with the burdens life heaps onto your shoulders, not to mention all of the physical and emotional comfort that comes from love, sweet love.

But even a great relationship is also a source of stress. Your partner will bring along habits and idiosyncrasies that you may not have noticed that could annoy you one day. You’re not really a free person now that someone else’s needs and tastes must be considered for before every action. You’re now living with someone who might want or need to talk when you’re really in the mood for some quiet time alone. You now have perform your role as husband or wife at all times. Luckily, that’s what learning to become an adult was all about. Now it’s time to put the lessons into practice for real. It’s your show.

But wait, there’s more! Today, you face the modern dilemma that feminism will make you feel like are more the just the two of you in this relationship. Feminism doesn’t just “empower women”; it also empowers other people to stick their noses into other people’s relationships. It empowers people to criticize the way you talk, the way you divide chores, what you watch on TV and every other aspect of your marriage. Feminism proclaims that the personal is political and there will be no peace within a marriage. Even if none of your friends are infected with feminism (boy are you lucky), the television and other media bombard messages into your home about how stupid, incompetent and mean men are and how marriage is boring and outdated. If this

So you know how navigate this world. How do you navigate your own relationship?

I credit Greg Swann with saying “Do you want to end the day married? Start the day married!” This idea has guided much of my thinking toward my own marriage and, I have to say, it has helped me keep committed to making it work. I keep reminding myself that to make a marriage work, I must work my marriage.

So what does it mean to work your marriage? It doesn’t mean sweating a lot. But, it does mean, firstly, that you should take care of your basics. Get things done around the house, clean up after yourself and take care of your maintenance duties. It means having an income and pursuing your career. It means putting down the phone and talking to your spouse. It means putting your family before your blog – notice how rarely I publish a blog entry. It means playing board and card games with your kids – keep in mind that mind-numbing games of Go Fish and Old Maid turn into enjoyable games of Euchre and Gin Rummy when they’re older. It means biting your tongue when you’re grumpy and want to say something mean, taking a breath and thinking about a nice thing to say.

Working your marriage, most importantly of all, means giving your attention to your marriage. Listen when your wife or husband talks. Make an effort to do something fun together.

It is knowing that there are 3 kinds of love in a life-long relationship. It all started when you were hot for each other and eros filled your every thought. Then, the passion faded but another type of love entered the mix. You learned about each other and learned to respect their inner qualities and want to see them flourish and be happy. This is called Agape. Finally, as your lives intertwine, your long-term, committed love develops. Greeks called this Storgic Love. This is the love of commitment, trust and fidelity. The love of family. It is a love with a duty to sustain the bond. You’ll appreciate this love when the worry over your bills piling up give you heart-burn and wake you up in the middle of the night.

While the first two types of love are less enduring than this storgic love of family, it doesn’t mean that they completely fade. Passion is fleeting but it can return again and again to your marriage as long as the other two types of love remain strong and you’re paying attention. Life is a long arduous process. Your bedroom life may take a back seat, now and then, to the stresses that family life doles out. Then, a fun trip to somewhere warm or overcoming a stressful event suddenly sparks a fiery return of eros. If you’re both taking care of yourselves and each other, the energy and attraction will continue.

Keep in mind that there is ebb and flow in your life that affects your marriage. If you get discouraged, you might feel emotionally detached from your spouse. Make extra effort to make a connection. Don’t go hide in your “Man Cave”. Go sit on the couch beside your wife and make an effort to be together. It’s ok for him to watch the game and her to watch a medical drama but maybe you should also choose a TV series to stream.

A marriage is like a sail boat. With basic daily maintenance, it can provide a fun-filled journey. If you neglect it, your trip will end in disaster.

Steps for Building a Good Marriage

27 Dec

One of the best ways to improve your chances of leading a fulfilling life is to build a strong marriage.

It is important to note, that this is not easy. Marriage takes continuous effort; it’s never guaranteed – especially if you lose focus and motivation; but, most of the requirements for building a good marriage are within your control.

I have 3 easy steps, or guidelines, to help you.

  1. Become good marriage material
  2. Pick a good marriage partner
  3. Work for you marriage every day

We’re going to focus on step 1 and 2 in this post. Imagine you want to get married. The first step is to make yourself into a person that someone would want to marry and be married to for the rest of their life.

Step 1: Become Good Marriage Material

This might not be difficult if you’re young enough to avoid the abundant pitfalls that many find in life. When wisdom enters a person at a young age it is a recipe for a wonderful life. Too often, unfortunately, the young eschew wisdom and plunge themselves into trouble that could easily be avoided. Adulthood looks daunting to a young person and often temptations look more appealing than the responsibilities that should come first. Patience is a practice that must be learned and applied prudently to build a good life.

So, you’ve realized that marriage is the best path in life for you but you’re wondering if you’re up to the task and what you need to work on to increase your chances of success. Congratulations, you are thinking in the right way to achieve your goal. NOTE: if you don’t recognize that marriage is the best way to achieve happiness for most people, then go away and come back if/when you do – don’t try to debate me on this here.

The following attributes are a good starting point to asses your worthiness for marriage and if you’re not satisfied with your current status, then you know what you need to work on.

  1. No Substance Abuse / Addiction Problems: Avoid addiction and manage any history of substance abuse problems you may have
  2. Sense of Responsibility: Do you follow through on your commitments?
  3. Financial Resilience: Is your debt managed, good prospects for income now and in the future, saving money?
  4. Moral Fortitude: Overall, do you have the willpower to stick to a good moral code? Do you even have a moral code or a basic understanding of morality?
  5. Emotional Stability: How easily do you get upset? How do you handle your emotions?
  6. Capacity for Compassion: Marriage requires compassion, empathy and willingness to sacrifice to help those important to you
  7. Physical and Mental Health: This is more within your control than many people want to believe. Do you eat right, exercise and get enough sleep? Do you even put the effort in?

Step 1: Pick A Good Marriage Partner

So, now you’re on the road to self-improvement. You’re ready to find a partner. Here are the attributes to look for.

  1. No Substance Abuse / Addiction Problems
  2. Sense of Responsibility
  3. Financial Resilience
  4. Moral Fortitude
  5. Emotional Stability
  6. Capacity for Compassion
  7. Physical and Mental Health

Isn’t it ironic that the exact same things you should expect in a partner are what your partner should expect in you? No. It’s not ironic at all. It’s just logic. Work on yourself. Then find a worthy mate.

These lists are just a start and by no means comprehensive; but, I think these are the main attributes that should be assessed before you even consider compatibility (personality, attractiveness, likes/dislikes).

If you happen to have someone in your life who seems highly compatible, then assess these attributes. If the prospective marriage partner does not appear to embody these attributes enough, you’d better discuss them before you continue down that road.

Marriage needs to be taken seriously. It takes 2 strong pillars that can each stand on their own but more than double their stability when they are bound together.

Two Pillars of Change « Wayne Hastings

OK. Now get to work. Comment or come back later for further discussion.

The Dance Partners – the corporate vs government performance

24 Oct
Samba - Encyclopedia of DanceSport
The Nation Inspires

Many are fooled into thinking that corporations and governments are opposed to one another. They think that corporations fight against government regulators and governments stand up to corporate greed in the interests of the people they represent.

The reality is that corporations and governments are locked into a dance. They feed off of one another like partners dancing to the music.

An audience watches the dance, the population, entranced by the show. They have an essential involvement into the show – buying tickets, calling for numbers, cheering the favorable moves – but, the job of the dancers is to keep the audience enthralled.

They feed corporations with their labour and their purchases they choose. They pay the government in taxes and only choose by voting. These inputs are the two parts of the music – markets (rythm) and elections (melody).

Government hears the input from election polling. It contorts and thrusts its body in ways that will win the vote. It also gets energy from the monetary system supported by corporate wealth which drives personal taxes.

Corporations hear input from the market. The corporate world steps to the beat of the demands from markets. Behind the scenes, they support the political campaigns to ensure the government responds to their lead.

The rules, of course, are set by the government but due to the energy it requires, the rules must appease the corporations.

But government doesn’t just create rules and collect taxes. It also stands for the pride of the region – nation, state, city. The blunt corporate strengths needs a pretty partner dressed up to excite the audience. A partner that can be vaulted into the air to light the imagination and awe of the crowd. Regional pride gives the population a purpose, an emotional investment, something they can feel a part of. Government dresses most vibrantly in the colors of the Nation. This national flag waving is required because the population can be asked to sacrifice everything in military service – to protect the nation.

Lately, however, another partner has been taking the place of national government. One whose appeal is less relatable but more high-minded. The new partner does not provide pride in one’s nation but appeals to a higher calling – global interests.

The audience members, in paroxysms of joy, shouts for this globalist partner with an air of superiority over the nationalist sentiments of the traditional crowd. Their dancer stands for greater ends, higher ideals than mere national success and strength. They feel that supporting a new global system, simply by being wider in scope, is are superior to the parochial, regional concerns.

They implore the lowly nationalist audience to give up their national allegiance that would ask them to fight and die.

No Rules, No Constraints

They deign to convince their nationalist counterparts that without the nation, there would be no war – a tantalizing argument – and no militaristic sacrifice, or so the song goes.

The corporate dancer calls this globalist partner to the dance floor and finds its movements much less constrained. No longer does it need to worry about national borders, it can extend its limbs in all directions, into any space necessary to achieve its means and supply the markets.

The globalist partner is far more lenient. She does not need to win the favor of the audience. Even if they elect new leaders in their nation, the globalist corporation will simply leave their dancer off in the wings and call another nation. The corporation will ignore the nation’s laws and find one that will dance to their favorite tunes.

Now the dance takes on a completely new form. The musicians have been replaced by mechanical devices churning out impossible, ever-changing rhythms, indiscernible lyrics with disorienting language and conflicting melodies that clash in and endless crescendo of mesmerizing sounds.

The audience inputs are no longer working and if the national dancers are brought onto the floor, they dance in the new globalist style.

Most people in the audience don’t even see dancing anymore and feel detached, but they nod along in approval and pretend to like it.

You’ll still buy the tickets because there are no other shows. You’ll cheer and clap just to go along.

And, when you’re brain can’t take it any more, you’ll sidle up to the bar and drink until the night winds down.

Canada’s Justice System -Abdication of Responsibility Part 2

9 Aug

In my previous post, I outlined that the goal of a justice system is not to fix injustice, but, to enable a just society by punishing unjust activity. It starts with the old axiom that two wrongs don’t make a right. It follows from there that punishments can only act as deterrent if the goal is to build a truly just society.

There is a distinct lack of will to punish criminals all over the modern West, in particular Canada, caused by a growing belief among jurists that incarceration is cruel and unjust. The Supreme Court knocked down a law mandating a minimum sentence for possession of an illegal firearm. If you were an anti-gun activist, you should have been outraged. The reason none were? The law punished the law breaker, not the gun.

In Canada and elsewhere, the rash of releases for COVID-19 has spawned a subesequent rash of crime.

It is not easy to deal out a just punishment. It takes a lot of courage to take the step of handing out discipline and assume the responsibility of the life of the incarcerated. Ask any parent how hard it is to discipline their own children but the rewards in future behavior are worth it. Modern leftist ideology has trouble with this fact. Unfortunately, the result is not just increased crime, but a society with a more tenuous grasp of the very concept of justice and morally inverted society.

Modern liberal minds find it difficult to muster the kind of courage it takes to punish criminals. Light bail conditions are given to violent criminals who then commit more crime. I don’t have statistics on crime sentencing in Canada – that’s not what this blog post is about. You can see incidents of generous bail conditions and light sentencing/early release resulting in more crime. If you want to search the database, you’ll be sure to find a lot: Peel , Toronto.

Recently, a young woman was killed by her boyfriend after he was released with a GPS tracker after being charged for possession of an illegal firearm. Despite having numerous domestic violence complaints, a nation that claims it is intent on cracking down on firearm violence by restricting gun ownership allowed a man to be released who was known to ignore release conditions who was arrested for GUN CRIMES!

But increased crime is just the beginning of a society that won’t accept its moral responsibility to punish criminals. By allowing the mindset to continue, morally outrageous crimes are absorbed into the zeitgeist of the country.

There are some crimes so unconscionable that the perpetrators must not be let out into the population to live normal lives. Doing so, only allow the moral errors grow within society.

Karla Homolka was guilty of some of the most heinous crimes ever to occur in Canada. But, the woman was released with a light sentence (11 years) so she could testify against her accomplice and boyfriend, Paul Bernardo.

She now lives somewhere near Montreal, Quebec raising children.

Every person must live with their past. Homolka must wake some nights with the sound of screams from her own sister and 2 other victims she helped murder. Perhaps she has somehow grappled with her moral failings and reached some type of internal redemption – a gargantuan task, a moral achievement of the ages. Even if somehow she is a guru of human moral self-forgiveness, the permanent stain on her soul must cause some unimaginable psychic pain.

Every person must live with their past. Homolka must wake some nights with the sound of screams from her own sister and 2 other victims she helped murder. Perhaps she has somehow grappled with her moral failings and reached some type of internal redemption – a gargantuan task, a moral achievement of the ages. Even if somehow she is a guru of human moral self-forgiveness, the permanent stain on her soul must cause some unimaginable psychic pain.

I have no idea what this sort of moral torture must do to a person. I live with my own past failings and sometimes struggle to reconcile it with the person I am now. But, someone responsible for this level of evil could not be mentally healthy without some miracle-level spiritual healing.

We have allowed this woman to rejoin society, live a normal life and raise children. How can someone who has such a past teach children about right and wrong. The children carry the mark on her soul themselves.

Imagine finding out that your child was friends with one of her children. Would you feel safe if they visited her house?

This is how evil grows within a society. Our society is morally lost and does not know it.

It is time to purge our justice system of its cowardice. Only a society willing to face its demons can maintain its path to righteousness. Rebuilding a righteous society from the growing heap of wickedness will not be easy, but the alternative is disturbing.