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Why Come Down for Dinner?

15 Dec

This is from an actual conversation.

Dad: [Name removed]! Can you come down now?

Son: Why?

Dad: To eat dinner.

Son: Why?

Dad: So you won’t be hungry.

Son: Why?

Dad: So you’ll grow big and strong.

Son: Why?

Dad: Because it’s fun.

Son: Why?

Dad: Because there is lot’s to do.

Son: Why?

Dad: Because it’s a big world.

Son: Why?

Dad: Because of gravity.

Son: Why?

Dad: No one knows why gravity works.

Son: (sliding down the stairs on his belly face first, like a skeleton rider.) Why is the sun on fire?

Dad: Because of the energy produced by the force of gravity.

Son: Are other stars bigger than the sun?

Dad: Yes, some are.

Son: How do you know?

Dad: Because scientists with big telescopes can look at them and use math to figure out how big they are and how far away.

Son: I knew that.

Dad: Then why did you ask?

Son: Because I like to.

Dad: Then you are going to be a smart man one day.