Why Do You Feel Threatened by Critical Thinking™

12 Mar

Why do you feel threatened when someone teaching your children about Critical Thinking™???

Why would you worry if your child’s teacher is trying to make them doubt objective reality?

I’m not talking about the notion that perception is all subjective and therefore it is difficult to determine the truth or be certain that your knowledge and understanding are completely 100% accurate. I mean, the very existence of reality is being challenge.

There is no fact more certain that the fact that 2 added to 2 is 4. This is true – always. 2 + 2 never equals anything but 4.

However, there are people in the education system – in Canada – who think it is helpful and necessary to make them question this fact. To do this, they employ multiple tricks, basically sleight of hand, and they call this thinking critically™.

Then they dare to say that people who call them out are feeling “threatened”. Well damn right!

If you were teaching children that Paris is a country in Africa, I would call you out.

If you were teaching children that the distilled water freezes at 100C, I would call you out.

These statements are wrong. The only purpose you would have of teaching them falsehoods or tricking them into doubting provable facts is to mess with their reasoning skills.

Why would someone want to teach faulty reasoning to a generation of people?

I won’t presume to know their minds, but one possibility is to make them less capable of reasoning and, therefore, easier to manipulate. Once they’re easier to manipulate and less able to reason critically, it would be easier to make them accept ideas you favor – even of a controversial political agenda.

This is a presumption. I have no proof. But, it’s interesting to see that the same people teaching kids to question 2+2=4 are the same people pushing Radical and Woke Math.

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