Critical Thinking or Thinking Critically

11 Mar

James Lindsay has been at the forefront of the war on Critical Race Theory (CRT) and the 2+2 sometimes-doesn’t-equal 4 crowd. One of the main combatants in the latter fight has been a Canadian teacher named Jamie Mitchell

Now Jamie is such an enlightened individual that his political opinions are not a matter of politics, but a matter of math and therefore should and even must be discussed in math class.

So brazen is this man that he taunts anyone who challenges his assertion with the accusation of cowardice. You’re just threatened that we’re teaching the kids to “think critically™” . But Jamie doesn’t mean critically. Thinking critically, in CRT parlance means CRT orthodox thinking.

So, I wandered over to this warrior’s twitter page to see what he thought of my opinion but, to my surprise, he wasn’t interested in facing off.

Jamie Mitchell on Bravery

Oh my gosh! Was Mr. Mitchell threatened by my critical thinking?

I think it’s time someone publishes a handbook on the inverse of woke math. How about some conservative math questions? What if children have real-world math problems that they can relate to?

Question 1: If the violent crime rate increases 10% for every 10 police taken out of a South Chicago precinct and each police officer costs $150,000 per year, by what rate will the murder rate rise next year if the current rate is 1.8 murders / 10,000 if the personnel budget is cut by $2,500,000? How many extra people will die?

I’m sure we can think of more questions about illegal border crossing and kids in Biden’s cages, transgender suicide rates, government debt and compound interest. These should all be subjects covered in math class. Agree?

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