Today on Twitter Episode 1

24 Mar

Everyday on Twitter I seem to see the same things. These posts were taken from March 22-23.

I get in one war of words with a delusional person: Someone explaining how ‘good sources’ don’t spread propaganda.

One thing that makes me puke: Low T Men

One thing that makes me laugh: The GOAT Journalist!

One thing that makes me cry: Please Stop Punishing the Youth!

One thing that drives me crazy:
People complaining that their names don’t translate easily into their adopted country’s language. I have to hear every service worker butcher my name to get medical treatment, food, government services, financial services. Face it communication was already fucked and now we have to wear masks.

One thing that inspires: This is way overdue.

One thing that makes my jaw drop: Quelle Prediction!

One thing that confirms all my worst fears: Financial ruin for the average person, power for the elite.

One thing that gives me hope: The #JustSayNo hashtag has gotten off the ground – not without triggering the tyranny enablers. A Twitter “Doctor” telling me not to listen to Twitter “Doctors”.

Hope round 2: maybe we can finally see the warfare China has been waging?

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