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A Libertarian is a Football Player Protesting Against Helmets

24 Nov

Some left-wing football players protest their government by taking a knee before the game. Libertarian football players might protest by taking their helmets off during the game.

What is a Libertarian today? A Libertarian believes in freedom for everyone with little or no government interference. One of the most important freedoms is freedom of movement. This means that a Libertarian believes there should be no borders dividing the world into countries.

Fine, so do I.

…in a free and balanced world.

Unfortunately, you cannot claim that this world is a free and balanced world. Instead the world is filled with a combination of relatively free states and a multitudes of tyrannical governments filled with corruption causing economic despair amongst their countries’ inhabitants.

In such a world, it would be foolish to believe that opening borders of relatively wealthy and free countries will increase individual liberty within those borders. Other governments are increasing their power and reach within their own borders. They maintain strict controls on who can enter and do business within their borders. Look at China which is turning its society into a panopticon and refuses to let foreigners invest or import into China freely.

Say you have a philosophical objection to tariffs. Espouse in the ideals of freedom of movement extending between countries as well as within them. Just don’t blindly advocate for the implementation of such measures until we’re on an open playing field.

Chinese immigrants to Canada will not automatically understand how freedom and democracy work. Indian immigrants do not have any loyalty to the government of Canada just because they are granted a passport. Many do understand, but the vast majority will never realize how important Magna Carta was to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Especially when all the Government of Canada teaches in school or in its propaganda is a bunch of hogwash about social justice and anti-colonialism.

Dropping the guard of border protections and tariffs in a global political climate like this isĀ  rather like opining that American football would have fewer concussions if helmets were banned (possible) and then trying to prove your point by proudly walking helmetless onto the playing football field full of helmeted players (foolhardy and dangerous).

People who proudly espouse libertarian policies like open borders today are like the running back charging into the defensive line without a helmet.

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