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System Power

14 Jan

Everybody is discussing the video of a Ronald MacDonald House resident asking about his family’s eviction notice with the administrator of the residence. In the Tweet above I remark how she gives the man such a blatantly illogical response with a completely straight face.

I’ve seen this many times in real life, even experienced it from myself. People respond to facts with completely non-sensical rationalizations of actions that don’t make sense.

In this case, the man, Austin Furgason, explains that the policy of evicting unvaccinated residents makes no sense because the vaccinated can, just as easily, catch the virus and transmit it to others. She responds “That’s right, so what we’re trying to do is reduce the risk to our residence.”

No amount of pleading or protest will get her to acknowledge that her response is illogical. Some may call it cognitive dissonance. Thane Eichenhauer (@ilovegrover) suggests it could be a rationalization. Neither of these explanations are complete, however.

It occurred to me that she was not considering her opinion at all. She just deferred to the system.

She gave a response from wrote that people all over have been reading and hearing from media, work, schools and other organizations and institutions. She likely read that very statement dozens of times as the policy was floated and rolled out to staff. She outsourced her cognition to her chain of command.

Someone wrote the carefully worded policy and an executive likely signed off on it. Committees, likely reviewed it to ensure all legal liabilities and public relations risks were covered. The administrator in the video was confident in her assertion because it simply wasn’t her decision. She was a small piece in this system. A low position on the totem pole, just a face of THE SYSTEM that already decided beforehand that vaccines make us safer.

But how does The System determine the answer and from where does its authority originate?

Ronald MacDonald House has a policy-making apparatus, like all large organizations. They have consultants who help comply with health authorities and other regulators. The authorities have structures with leaders who eventually report up to the elected politicians.

But where to the politicians get their information? From their bureaucratic authorities, of course. And, this whole system is supported by public opinion which, of course, gets its information from the same system.

Committees can really make a mess. Democracy is a giant system of committees all feeding information to and from each other in an endless series of connected loops.

The individual who is aware of this and cognizant of the human condition might suffer tremendous anxiety, but not the average person. The average person, like the administrator in the video simply re-affirms her opinion calling upon the authority of The System Power.

Like a giant leviathan, THE SYSTEM determines what can be done and whatever can be done will be done, with little consideration to whether it’s the right thing to do.

Can THE SYSTEM make a vaccine in record time? Yes.

Can THE SYSTEM bypass legal challenges and force people to take the vaccine? Yes – there many ways it can coerce people.

And people in THE SYSTEM don’t need to consider their actions. SYSTEM POWER will take all responsibility away from the individual as long as they play their part well.