Experts Are Not “Science”

26 Mar

I cannot vouch for legitimacy of this video. I do not know who Kary Mullis, the purported inventor of PCR test is. I will say that he is 100% correct when he calls Anthony Fauci an administrator.

I’ve said this a thousand times and I’ll never stop saying it.

Science is a process to determine facts.
Politics is a process to determine power.
Experts are always chosen using the latter.
Therefore experts are better politicians than they are scientists

Science is trying to replace religion. The problem is that science has no central truth to check with. Watch around 6:20. Mullis says, “There isn’t an up there, there… The academy of science is a bunch of idiots like us… There are no wise men on top making sure we don’t do something dumb.”

I would love to point to a book or a G.O.D. as the one truth to check everything against but I don’t believe in the supernatural, omnipotent or omniscient entity who created us and Granted Our Dominion over earth. That doesn’t mean I don’t believe that religion is necessary. Truth is necessary – moral truth. The guiding star.

Religion has pointed us in the right direction. Religion is a process for finding truth. Science can’t speak to morality. It can help – nay, it is essential – in this day and age to use science to help us understand moral truth.

Religion points to the good and the true. Trying to walk it’s path, we have discovered much truth about our species and the world. Mistakes were made and continue to be made but process of elimination through competition, evolution, has chosen the best ways to live. But all instituted systems reach a point where they begin to stifle progress. See, the Ottoman Jannissary. Also investigate their Caligraphers‘ resistance to the printing press that sealed that empire’s fate.

Science grew out of religious yearnings for truth and understanding to stand apart from religion. When we use science to replace religion, we inevitably elevate our scientists to the level clergy or even sainthood.

But there is no singular truth from who’s authority they speak.

“Trust the science” is the mantra which means, “Don’t ask any questions”. But, we’ve forgotten that science is means always asking questions. “Experts” seek only power, not truth.

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