White Nationalism is Dumb

13 Aug

I wrote this several months ago. I haven’t pushed forth this idea because I am basically a libertarian at heart. Ideas like destroying terrorist-inspiring mosques, churches or other organizations are certainly not libertarian. But here we are with this giant government and divisive factions trying to wrest control of it.

I watched the Alt-right with some interest, intrigued by some of the ideas and historical interpretations. At first, the ever morphing racist/Nazi/White-Nationalist contingents were seen as a twist irony to the political movement. Then Hilary called them all deplorable racists and many (like Gavin McInnis, Lauren Southern and Milo) stood up and said, “No we’re not.” But theĀ  racist/Nazi/White-Nationalists (like Red-Ice) stood up proudly and said, “Yes we are. We are all about preserving the ‘White Identity’.”

Well, when you find a mother bear with a cub on a trail, you simply back away slowly. Don’t startle her or turn and run. Let her do her thing and she’ll leave you alone.

They weren’t going to let go of the white identity like a mother bear wouldn’t let her cub wander too far from her. Now they’ve gone ballistic in Charleston because the normies won’t let them celebrate whiteness. The bear will have to be put down. It can’t function in civilized society.

Personally, I don’t think it’s right or fair that so much hatred is directed at white people without any challenges allowed. I think white people are being unfairly blamed for the problems of the world and unfairly discriminated against with affirmative action. But to go and say that this means we need to stand up and defend the white “homeland” is just stupid and counter productive for a nation that needs to get back its constitutional roots for generational citizens as well as newcomers.

There is much more, but for now, here is what I wrote last June, around the time of the terror attacks in England – London Bridge, etc.

The white ethno-state is a non-starter.
You have neither the public will, nor the moral justification for moving any person out of any political boundary or preventing people from entering or living inside any boundary. The political boundary of the United States has too many people, good people of all ethnicities to make any sort of attempt. The areas that are still mainly white, are too dispersed and small to make a nation. Face it, a nation needs cities. Where cities grow, there is diversity to some extent. Dreaming about getting the farmers and rural whites to move to cities and start tech companies and finance firms is absurd. I know nobody is stating this dream, but, that would be required to build a new nation.

What you can do, is make it difficult for people to follow and spread destructive ideologies. You can punish ideological enclaves that foster terrorism. For example, if a mosque follower commits an atrocity, you can raze the mosque and dissolve the organization, take their funding. But always remember, laws are universal. If a “white” or Christian organization has a member that commits a terrorist act, they would also be subject to destruction. Strict and specific rules must be written in order to define what an organization is and what a member is. One can’t simply disavow their membership and commit an act of terror the next day to absolve them of any connection. Conversely, one can’t say that the person attended one meeting or mass and call him a member.

This might be opening a bureaucratic can of worms; but, look at the incentives that this creates. Now members of organizations are worried that their community will be punished for their actions. Organizations will police their members and worry that they’ll radicalize. Leaders will have to be on the lookout and alert authorities to potential problem members to protect themselves.

With laws like these people would not want to come to the country to cause trouble and the people who are here would tend to be less likely to commit terrorism.


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