The Speech Donald Trump Should Give

5 Nov
To the many communities of America; the traditional Western-European-based Americans that have many generations of ancestors growing up on this soil, the African Americans whose ancestors mostly came here under bondage but were given freedom under the Constitution and have grown up with the idea of freedom and equal treatment under the law for every individual and worked towards that ideal, the newer communities that have been growing and thriving under the American dream from Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa. This is the time to choose to either grow America or continue its decline.


It is true that America is still great. But, it is a greatness in decline. It has turned away from its ideals of freedom for every individual and turned toward a climate of entitlements. It seems like many expect hand outs and support from government and that is one aspect of entitlement. But, the other aspect is the entitlement shown by Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton and her cronies in Washington to control the flow of money and take a big share for themselves. It plays into the hands of multi-national corporations to gain greater and greater share of the wealth while pretending to favour wealth distribution.

This lie has come to an end. It is so obvious that corporations are now complicit in the game that Washington is playing and who benefits the most are the elite few at the top echelons of these corporations controlling the media empires, communication companies and financial corporations and their friends in government. Many people are awakening to the rot in this system and want to reach out to anyone who can counteract that power structure.
The Republican party was rife with the same rot. The elitists within the party show how they have very minor ideological differences with their counterparts in the Democrat party, some even going so far as to say they’ll vote for the corruption and destablization of the Democratic party. They are simply globalists of a different flavour. They don’t believe in freedom for American people, they agree that Americans should be controlled by limiting the availability of information, consumer choices and work opportunities. I have defeated them and taken their party to a new direction.
It is time to ask yourselves why your ancestors came to America. This land once represented opportunity for anyone. Now it only offers opportunities for elite powers to take advantage of average people, to take taxes from their labors and use it to their advantage.
It is time to take pride in the good history of America, not to just criticize it for the things it has done wrong. There were many mistakes on the journey, but, largely, this country has led the way for the world toward freedom and prosperity. It is time for America to lead the world, not with force, but by demonstration of how the world should work – by letting individuals decide how they want to live and letting them find success. America has led the world to this point by the individual efforts. Each generation has met the struggles and difficulties of its time head on and this is how we’ve succeeded.
Whoever you are, wherever you came from. Whether you have generations of ancestors living in this great land or whether you are a first-generation immigrant, you are participating in the greatest national system that ever was. When you go into that ballot box, you have a choice whether your future descendants living here will breath the same freedom you currently have, or whether they’ll live under the yoke of servitude that Washington currently represents.
This is the choice. Is the American government working for you or do you work for it? Donald Trump will do everything he can to make sure Americans are first and America is working for Americans.
With this mindset, we can lead the world in the right direction. When the entire world is strengthened by this same ideas that made America great, the people of the world will know why America had to be strong. They’ll understand what has made America great and they will thank you for choosing to make it stronger on November 8, 2016.
 also have generations of the newer generations from Asia

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