Feminism is a Power Play

20 Jan

You are likely familiar with the friendly face of equality feminism. You were told that all feminists want is equality of the sexes. However, you may not realize that feminism has turned the basic human relationship between man and woman into a power struggle. Enter the Cultural Marxists. Instead of an agreement or union between two individual human beings, feminism, when it isn’t openly at war with marriage, has inserted itself as an agent of the female party to fight against the male party who they’ve decided belongs to the most evil of male creations, the Patriarchy. The Patriarchy, so they claim, informs all of your biases and beliefs. It causes everything from marital violence to rape to the wage gap. Males, according to feminists, invented marriage to oppress women under The Patriarchy. The Patriarchy enforced rigid gender roles and invented the whole concept of gender just so masculine people would have someone to oppress. Everything is political, politics is power and power is divided unequally between groups and groups constantly battle to oppress one another. You are either an oppressor or oppressed. You can see how such a divisive philosophy intruding itself into your personal relationship could cause problems. If your wife accepts the notion that she is a victim of oppression and you belong to a privileged class that enforces this dynamic, you are going to lose every argument because you will likely try to see it as an argument between two equals. However, feminism instructs its female adherents to see it as an argument between two members of unequal classes. The purpose of this is not to achieve equality, it is actually to undermine, alter and destroy society.

To put it short, feminism ceased being about equality about the same time that equality, as defined by individual freedoms was achieved years ago. No individual is prevented from pursuing his or her dreams until you invent concepts (excuses) like privilege and micro-aggression and insist on constantly inventing new segments of society that are further and further ostracized by the mainstream. Now we have more and more groups like LGBT and trans-people who claim that society oppresses them for not going out of its way to be inclusive for them. As a male, they say that everything you have earned is due to male privilege. Your abilities, your hard work, your commitment have had nothing to do with whatever success you’ve achieved. To feminists, or anyone who follows identity politics, you just got lucky to be born male. Multiply this privilege by 50 if you happen to be white as well.

You’re saying that you probably don’t have to deal with this, because, your wife-to-be is not feminist, or at least doesn’t take it this far. The problem is, feminism has been working its way into the mainstream in  a myriad of ways. It permeates virtually everything – politics, law, culture, academics, business and so on. Everyone who doesn’t actually make themselves aware of the inner workings of feminist politics is susceptible to its malignancy. It must be actively resisted like a contagion or a tumor.

Since the mainstream has completely swallowed the feminist pill believing that it is only about achieving equality. Even people who claim not to be feminists, will often be heard spouting feminist propaganda that has infected everything. The only way to be sure that someone is immune is if they actually denounce and reject feminism. So, your wife-to-be has likely learned to nod along when Oprah, some Hollywood Celebrity or some pop singer spouts on about helping women with whatever problem seems to be plaguing them while males are denigrated and male suffering is ignored. She is likely trained not to be judgmental when young women behave in self-destructive, slutty ways and just say you go-girl. I call it, aptly Oprah feminism or you go-girl feminism.

The result of failure or inability to pass judgment on behavior is Miley Cyrus, who I say is a result of too much GO-GIRL and not enough WOAH, GIRL! It’s all well and good for her to act as if slutting around the world is no big deal because whatever personal problems result from her behavior, she can afford the damage control, rehab and therapy money can buy. It’s not so, for your future daughters. They will have to face every consequence their actions cause. It’s no better for your sons who will have to face hyper-sexualized, hypergamous young ladies.

Now, even if your wife is sensible and understands your concerns with feminism, or simply doesn’t think about it and it’s not a discussion you have, feminism allows friends and family to ask questions about your “treatment” of her. Did you disagree with your wife about something? Well, friends, family and acquaintances who buy into feminism think it is their right and their duty to berate your for not letting the woman have her way in all matters. They’re afraid that your wife is not empowered enough to stand up for herself in your marriage. It doesn’t matter how fairly matters in your marriage are handled, feminism will try to make it seem as though the two of you are not alone in the room.

Now cheer up. There are many strategies for combating feminism in your personal life. Remember, every strong marriage is like a stone in radical feminism’s marching boot. It bothers them that a man and woman can be happy together. There are feminists who do not think this way. There are MRA’s who fight for fathers rights, should things go wrong. But most importantly, there are truth-speakers who will help you find a way to make a strong marriage work by learning about the true nature of human relationships and the political system.











2 Responses to “Feminism is a Power Play”

  1. Michelle January 20, 2014 at 2:29 am #

    I agree. I think the feminazis do nothing but cause trouble.


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