Everything A Man Needs To Know Before Getting Married (Part 1 of ∞)

20 Jan

So you’re going to get married.

First, I’d like to say, congratulations. You have found someone you love, trust and respect enough to share your life. Someone who will help you attain everything you want out of life and who will accept your love and support to help her get everything she wants. A good marriage will lift the individuals within it to higher levels of life satisfaction than could possibly be attained alone. I’m happy for you.

I have one more thing to say: Are you nuts??? How sure are you about this person’s integrity and honour? Are you capable of earning this person’s love years and decades into the future? Do you understand the risks that you are taking to tie your fate and fortune to a woman who may choose not to honour her vows or falters in her emotional commitment to you? Are you ready to stand up for yourself in the face of a woman influenced by a combination of natural imperative, emotional turmoil and an victim mentality instilled in her by outsiders insisting on inserting their agenda into your union?

Are you still interested? Good. You must be brave. Marriage takes courage. Despite the risks, I strongly believe that marriage can be beneficial for the participants. I also believe it is the foundation of society. For a human culture to survive and thrive, it must have strong, healthy relationships between people and marriage is the strongest, most important of these bonds. Two strong people committed to each other for their entire lives enhance each person’s abilities and help them face adversity that they couldn’t face individually. This strength makes for confidence that governments, corporations and other organizations cannot compete with.

Now, in order to create a strong marriage, men must understand some basic facts about their own nature and the nature of their wives as well as the politics and culture that they must face.

1. Feminism is a power play.

2. Marriage is for the purpose of procreation.

3. Female Hypergamy

4. The Man Must Lead

5. You must earn love every day.

I will add links to actual articles as they are posted.

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